Drawing Cars on Newsprint Paper Video 2

by Arvind Ramkrishna on March 12, 2013

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We continue with some more newsprint paper sketches with our 2nd demo.  I’ll be using a tuscan red art stix.  Art stix are of the same grade as prismacolor pencils.  Gives you an excellent value range and allows you shade in large areas with the broad side of the art stix.

As you watch the video, bear in mind the following.

1.  Core reflection – core shading on the side of the car that tracks the apex of curvature of the car.

2.  Line weight – darkening the areas of concentration and focal point

3.  Quick background – I just drew a simple box.  Always start SIMPLE!  Don’t get too fancy too soon.

So sit back and watch the video.  If there is something in particular you would like me to sketch, let me know.

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  • mario

    Hey Arvind, i like how you draw. Nice video, One question, where are you from?

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