Increasing your Fundamental Knowledge with Fruits!

by Arvind Ramkrishna on November 26, 2012

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What?  Fruits?  Yep…that’s it.  Fruits.  We are going to start painting fruits.  Why? Because drawing and painting cars involves more that just drawing a cool ride.  You have to enjoy drawing and painting period.  You have to draw whenever and whatever you can….including fruits like apples for instance.

Let’s take the above “apple” painting.  I tried to paint an apple from memory and see what I could come up with.  It has all sorts of problems with it.  It’s ok though.   Whatever gaps and holes this has…all I need to do is pick up an apple and observe the details and see where I made the mistake.

I started with an apple because it is relatively simple.  Just a spherical shape with a stem and some other details. Below is my markup and some notes that goes with my thoughts on it.

It basically looks like a cherry instead of an apple :)  So I had to fix it!   So I picked up an apple looked at the surfaces surrounding the step and corrected it.  All the while making sure that I keep “sections” of the form in mind.  Above you can see this thought pattern.  The radius at the top of the apple is too tight and also the shape is a bit unresolved.

Above are my notes after creating a new painting from scratch.  Increased the radius and made sure the painted form matches the sections of the apple.

So there you have it.  The finished apple.  Now go grab an apple, banana, cherry, grapes, or whatever. Paint it and then…eat it!  Have a good one!

  • dshed

    A great thing with fruits is pulling out every possible color you can see in them. Apples are way more complicated then just red or green.

  • Dwight D.

    your great, keep on teaching

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