Sketching Crossover Vehicles

by Arvind Ramkrishna on November 15, 2012

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This video tutorial shows you how to sketch a crossover vehicle or “tall car” as we call it.  Again, practice is key.  As you watch the video, bear in mind the following:

1.  Sketch setup

2.  Proportions

3.  Sketch Technique

4.  Line Weight

The principles above will help you to build a very “dynamic” look to your sketches with life and movement. Just remember that it is always about learning and building your current knowledge base.

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Tools used:

Tablet PC

Software – Painter 12

Wacom Pen

The above tools were used to “simulate” traditional drawing methods.  Please note that if you ARE a beginner, it is key to start creating your sketches with paper, markers, and pencils.  It is THE best way to charting your path to be a sketching pro!

If you are looking for a beginners course, our popular introduction to transportation design will cover excellent fundamentals and basics in analog and digital drawing formats.  Plus! It supports this blog for free content :)  Check out the site here:

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  • howtodrawcarsnow

    Charlie…sure…will look into sketching some trucks….in fact…I did one last week but did not record it ;) Will keep it in mind next time.

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